Unsere Lebensmittel - Woraus bestehen sie?

Our food - what is it made of?

The more you know, the more consciously you live! Here is an overview of our food!

Our food consist of a variety of substances, including macro- and micronutrients, water, fiber, secondary plant compounds, alcohols and metals.

Not all substances are present in every food and their content varies depending on the food. In processed products, other substances such as flavors, preservatives and the like may be added if they have been used in the processing procedure.

We would like to introduce you to a healthy diet and our everyday foods. After all, they not only end up on everyone's plate every day, but ultimately even in us. So it certainly doesn't hurt to be well informed.

In our nutrition blog and also on our social media channels we explain some basics to create a common understanding and knowledge about our nutrition. We also clear up myths and take a closer look at different eating styles.

  • FreeFrom (e.g. allergies, intolerances, intolerances)
  • muscle building (e.g. high protein)
  • special diets (e.g. vegetarian, vegan, low carb, keto)